Daily Dose of Dharma - 2 DISC SET - $22.95 (no autograph)

DVD set description:

This exciting two disc collection includes 3 full yoga workouts performed by Danica McKellar, 3 meditations, plus our exclusive "Intro to Yoga" and "Intro to Meditation" segments where you can learn important do's and dont's to get the most from your experience!

Yoga DVD: All segments performed by Danica McKellar and narrated by certified yoga instructor Christy Marsden

Stress Relief - 20 minutes

Energizing - 20 minutes

Gentle Healing - 20 minutes

Intro to Yoga - 10 minutes

Meditation DVD: Segments narrated by Mahaila and Danica McKellar

Guided Visualization - 15 minutes

Mindfulness Meditation - 15 minutes

Alternate Breathing - 5 minutes

Intro to Meditation - 5 minutes

Insurance and tracking number are included!

Daily Dose of Dharma - 2 DISC SET - $22.95 (no autograph)
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